About the Tournament

Take part in Tekken Tej Tournament 2016 - one of the biggest Tekken Tournaments in Poland, organized yearly during Poznan Game Arena event. Our long tradition in organizing tournaments is a guarantee of not only good fights but also great fun! Join us in one-of-a-kind atmosphere of big gaming event in the heart of Europe!This year's Tekken Tej Tournament is organized as a joint effort of two European Tekken Communities: Cool Kids Table and TekkenPro.pl

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The last Tekken Tag Tournament in Poland

Say goodbye to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with a kick! This is the last Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in Poland and we're going to make it great.

Organized during Poznań Game Arena

Poznań Game Arena is the largest Gaming Event in Poland, organized yearly in modern and dynamic Poznań city. With over 60 000 visitors and lots of attractions, it's worth seeing on its own.

Poznań - the capital of Greater Poland province

Tired after play? Let's go to the Old Square to have fun!

How to get here

Tournament will take place during Poznań Game Arena event
place: Poznań International Fairs
(Roosevelt Street)

By plane

There are plenty of options to fly directly to Poznań. Check out cheap airlines like Wizzair or Ryanair. Official website of Poznań Airport: click here.

You can also check your flights to the capital city of Poland - Warsaw. A train from Warsaw to Poznań city travels about 3 hours and costs between 50PLN and 120PLN. Book tickets early - they are now very cheap! If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

By car

Poznań city is only 150km away from German border - if you're travelling by car, it's very convenient to reach the city using German highways, which transition smoothly to Polish ones. Poznań is located just near the A2 highway - it's a paid one, but not too expensive.

You also won't have much problems to leave your car in the city - Hotel staff will surely guide you to most convenient parking spots.

By train

While not the cheapest option, it might be convenient for people travelling from Moscow, Berlin or Amsterdam. There are nightly trains equipped with berths for those who don't like to waste time travelling in the daylight.

By bus

For people travelling from the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria etc., I would recommend Eurolines (website) and PolskiBus (website). Be sure to check out their destination cities and prices.

Poznań Game Arena maps

As soon as we know our exact location, we will update this site and mark it on the maps.

Apartments & Transport

Don't know anything about public transport? Have no idea where to stay? Check our recommendations!

IMPORTANT! It's crucial to book accomodation as soon as possible. During the times of fairs rooms in hotels and hostels are quickly sold out.
Don't forget the previous Poznan Game Arena fairs had 60000 visitors!


Convenient yet still affordable - check out Ibis Hotel for best deals.

  1. Hotel Ibis (best deal)
  2. Hotel Ikar
  3. Hotel Topaz (closest to venue)
  4. Hotel Solei


The cheapest stay possible, but still in the city center:

  1. Cinnamon Hostel
  2. Art Hostel (closest to venue)
  3. Tey Hostel
  4. Melody Hostel

Public transport

Most recommended is checking your public transport on this website: JakDojade.pl city navigation.

There's a link at the bottom of a website to install a free mobile application.

The schedules are always up to date and it's easy to find the best route. Just type "airport" in the "A" starting point field and your destination street in "B" destination field.

The tickets cost 4.60PLN (about 1 euro) for 40 minutes of ride - it should be enough to get from the airport to city center. You can get a wifi password at the Airport if you buy a snack in the Airport's coffee bars.

Taxi & Uber

If you are Uber user (click to see details), I'm happy to inform you that you can use this mobile application in Poznan city. Other than that, I can recommend you these companies:
Taxi M1 - +48 618 222 222
Taxi RMI - +48 618 219 219
Radio Taxi - +48 618 519 519
Take note there's about 7 kilometres from the Airport to the city center. Always take your bill after the ride (and say that you want it at the beginning) - it shows how many kilometres you have driven. In normal day, you should not pay for such distance more than 35 PLN / 8 Euro. (it depends whether you were driving in working hours or at night or in weekends)

Poznań Game Arena 2015 in numbers

66254 visitors
800 Game stations
130 Exhibitors
8 Halls


Check out photos from Poznań Game Arena in 2015 and our last tournament

Rules and Prizes

Prize pool is not set yet - will be updated ASAP!


Game: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

22-23 October 2016 in Poznań during Poznań Game Arena - http://www.gamearena.pl
English Information about PGA: http://www.gamearena.pl/en/

Google Maps: Poznan International Fair

Entry Fee
- entrance fee is included in special Poznan Game Arena tickets
- this ticket allows you to see all Poznan Game Arena attractions as well
100zł (~23 €) - Two-day ticket saturday/sunday
150zł (~35 €) - Three-day ticket friday/saturday/sunday
You can obtain ticket by registering at the bottom of this website


Quick information about Rules:
There's a limit of 64 players
Only special tickets bought through this website entitle you to take part in the tournament - they include tournament fee which is used to fund Tournament space and prizes
Your participation in the tournament will be checked before Tournament starts to ensure nobody's missing
Organizers do not provide participants with controllers - please bring your own!
Only TAG mode allowed - no Solo characters!

1st Stage - GROUP Stage (16 groups, 4 players each, 2 players advance to next stage)
- format: Round robin 4 players
- Game settings: BO5/FT3 / 3 rounds / 80s

- format: Double elimination 32 players
- Game settings: BO5/FT3 / 3 rounds / 80s

Final stage
- Game settings: BO9/FT5 / 3 rounds / 80s


First place

2000zł (~450€)

  • LG LCD Monitor
  • Trophy
  • Gadgets

Second Place

1000zł (~230€)

  • MadCatz Kunai Headset
  • Trophy
  • Gadgets

Third place

500zł (~115€)

  • MadCatz Kunai Headset
  • Trophy
  • Gadgets

Tournament Schedule

Saturday: 22.10.2016
Main Tournament - Tekken TEJ Tournament 2016

9:00 - getting into the Poznan Game Arena Fairs (entrance open)
09:30 - 10:30 - checking the participants list
11:00 - Start of the Tekken TEJ Tournament
11:00 - 14:00 Group Phase
14:30 - 18:00 Double Elimination Phase
17:30 - 18:00 Dinner break
18:00 - 19:00 Double Elimination Phase - top 8 and finals
19:30 - 20:00 Prize ceremony and group photos

15:00 - 20:00 FREEPLAYS - free to play for everybody beside the main tournament.


Sunday 23.10.2016 - between 9:00 - 18:00

11:00 - 16:00 - Tekken 7 Tournament! (detailed info soon)
16:00 - 17:30 - TTT2 FREEPLAYS o limits - all consoles available for freeplay

Participants List (Only 21 spots left!)

# Nickname Country Confirmed?
1 CKT Adnanish Denmark Tak / Yes
2 CKT | Baxi Spain Tak / Yes
3 CKT | Fergus Ireland Tak / Yes
4 CKT | Rain Greece Tak / Yes
5 CKT | Spaghettirip United Kingdom Tak / Yes
6 CKT | Nemouik France Tak / Yes
7 FARM2PLAY | Devil Poland Tak / Yes
8 FARM2PLAY | MATT-JF Poland Tak / Yes
9 Łakomy Poland Tak / Yes
10 Kotlaska Poland Tak / Yes
11 Ubub Poland Tak / Yes
12 Hobbith Poland Tak / Yes
13 Słodki Jezu Poland Tak / Yes
14 Michacz Poland W toku / Pending
15 Ferdek Poland Tak / Yes
16 DROTEKK91 Poland Tak / Yes
17 Tenshimitsu Poland Tak / Yes
18 Odyn Poland Tak / Yes
19 Mors Poland Tak / Yes
20 Omikron27 Poland Tak / Yes
21 Wmksdm Poland Tak / Yes
22 Szyper Poland Tak / Yes
23 Boyn Poland Tak / Yes
24 Caradolph Poland Tak / Yes
25 St4rk Poland Tak / Yes
26 Młody Poland Tak / Yes
27 Gagarin Poland Tak / Yes
28 Vergil714 Poland Tak / Yes
29 Ali Poland W toku / Pending
30 Adax Poland Tak / Yes
31 Nevan Poland W toku / Pending
32 Kingki Poland Tak / Yes
33 Gerber Poland Tak / Yes
34 Bus Poland Tak / Yes
35 K' Poland Tak / Yes
36 Łysy Poland W toku / Pending
37 Komimasa Poland Tak / Yes
38 Gajda Poland W toku / Pending
39 SeTsi Poland Tak / Yes
40 Mace Poland W toku / Pending
41 Komandos Poland W toku / Pending
42 Kruczy Poland W toku / Pending
43 Kiziu becik Poland W toku / Pending


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